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Mestia attractions | The city of Mestia is located on the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains, 128 km to the northeast of Zugdidi, and there lives a special ethnic group that still preserves their culture, traditions and customs as well as their cultural heritage dating back 4,000 years. Mestia is located at an altitude of 1500 meters (4,921 feet) above sea level. It is a great place to start exploring the area. From here you can start exploring the most wonderful sights in Mestia, where you will enjoy walking to the glaciers, learning about the culture of the savannah in the distinguished historical museum, trying local dishes, and skiing in one of the ski resorts in Georgia Svaneti is also famous for its original architecture and is called the “country of a thousand towers”, still Mestia also contains dozens of medieval stone houses with watchtowers and inhabited towers that were used to protect valleys and churches, so that the unique medieval architecture of Mestia was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. One of the most suitable times for tourism in Mestia is Spring, when Mestia is at its best, the sun is warm and flowers bloom, and the landscape abounds, so we recommend visiting Mestia in the spring.

Sights of Mestia

Mikhail Khergiani House Museum

متحف مايكل خيرجياني ميستيا جورجيا

Michael Khergiani  (1932-1969) was an outstanding athlete and climber in Mestia who won seven gold medals at the USSR Championship in rock climbing and mountaineering Mestia has its own museum displaying his various memorabilia, including climbing equipment , photos, clothes, and awards, along with several music records by a famous Russian singer-songwriter, Vladimir Vysotsuti who dedicated a song to this Albanian climber.

Chalaadi Glacier

جبل تشلادي الجليدي مستيا

Chalaadi Glacer If you’re not a fan of hiking and camping, but prefer a small day trip; Visit the Chalaadi Glacier, which is located on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, is 1,850 meters (6,069 feet) above sea level, and is the only one that extends into the forest area, to enjoy a visit you will never forget.

Zuruldi mountain

جبل زورولدي مستيا جورجيا

Zuruldi Mountain in Svaneti is home to the highest restaurant and hotel in Svaneti, and offers stunning views of Mount Tetnoldi and the Caucasus mountain range. To get there, you have to drive towards Hatsvale, about 8 km from Mestita, then climb a 1.5 km mountain road, and you will be in front of a beautiful world of enjoyment and entertainment.

The most beautiful lakes

أجمل البحيرات في مستيا

The most beautiful lakes Georgia is home to some wonderful lakes, some of which are located in the vicinity of Mestia at the base of Mount Ushba, at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level and offering stunning views of the surrounding area.

Ushguli Village

قرية أوشغولي ميستيا | تارجت للسياحة

The most important tourist attraction in Mestia, where the highest settlement in Europe is, is the village of Oshguli, which is located only two or three hours from Mestia, the highest settlement in Europe at 2,200 meters above sea level. This UNESCO World Heritage site is located at the foot of Mount Shkhara and offers wonderful views of the beautiful Snowy Mountains, medieval defense towers and green cliffs.

Museum of History and Ethnography

متحف التاريخ والإثنوغرافيا ميستيا جورجيا

History and Ethnography Museum Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography was established in 1936, and includes collections from the museum of manuscripts, ceramics, jewelry and a wide range of icons, in addition to displaying unique masterpieces of local and imported arts and crafts with medieval weapons, and unique works of jewelry to name a few. The museum has a rooftop terrace for stunning views of the city.

St. George's Church

كنيسة القديس جورج في ميستيا جورجيا

Saint George’s Church is a 13th-century Armenian church in the old city of Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital. It is one of the two functioning Armenian churches in Tbilisi and is the cathedral of the Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is located in the south-western corner of Vakhtang Gorgasali Square (Meidani) and is overlooked by the ruins of Narikala fortress.

Cable car from Zuruldi

التلفريك من Zuruldi في ميستيا

The cable car from Zuruldi The cable car from Zuruldi is considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Mestia, Georgia, and attracts many visitors annually. It is located in a town called Zuruldi located about 8 km from Mestia, and it is located at an altitude of about 1.5 km The famous Zuruldi mountain hand.


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