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Georgian Tbilisi halal restaurants | The most famous restaurants and dishes

Georgia Tbilisi halal restaurants among the most famous restaurants in Georgia, as Georgia includes in each city a group of the most famous restaurants that serve oriental and halal meals, and the cost of meals varies according to the level of the restaurant and its location in the town, in addition to the nature of the meals it serves.

Funicular Restaurant

This restaurant is considered one of the most elegant and beautiful restaurants, due to the nature of the decor and modern designs.
It also has an outside terrace where you can enjoy your daily morning meals.
The restaurant also offers a wide variety of Georgian and oriental meals, between vegetarian and meat dishes, suitable for all diets.
Among the most famous dishes offered by the restaurant (steak dishes – fried lamb dishes – cheese and egg pies – fried chicken dishes – delicious oyster dishes).
The restaurant has a spacious and comfortable space for you, where you can eat your meals comfortably throughout the day.
The restaurant does justice to the 4-star restaurants, and the restaurant also has the ability to pay electronically.
It is also a disabled-friendly restaurant, free parking and free internet.
The restaurant is also suitable for groups and families, in addition to the presence of outdoor and indoor courtyards.

Marrakesh Café

halal resturants in tbilisi

This cafe is one of the Moroccan cafes located in the city of Tbilisi, and this restaurant is characterized by the blue color.
Among the most delicious dishes offered by the restaurant (delicious grilled tabaca chicken – famous Moroccan tagines – delicious Moroccan couscous – dishes seasoned with spices and lemon).
It is one of the restaurants and cafes rated with 4 stars, and the restaurant also has free internet.
The restaurant also provides the possibility of electronic payment by cards, in addition to containing indoor and outdoor areas.
In addition to all these features, it is one of the Arab cafes suitable for family gatherings or groups in general.

Averia Café

It is one of the famous cafes in the city of Tbilisi, as it enjoys a high degree of beauty and spaciousness.
The restaurant also has places to sit inside and outside, and it serves appetizers, delicious meals, desserts, and many more items.
Among the most famous dishes served in that famous café are (healthy vegetarian dishes – burgers – chicken salad – Caesar salad – sausage – oriental sweets – French pasta – cheesecake) and many other meals and delicious dishes.
This restaurant has been rated among the 4 star hotels, and it is ideal and suitable for groups, families and children as well.
The restaurant offers many famous payment methods, the most important of which is the possibility of electronic payment. The restaurant also contains indoor and outdoor courtyards.
In addition to all these advantages, the restaurant offers free internet, and it is highly suitable for people with special needs.
The restaurant also allows the possibility of ordering its meals and delicious dishes by Take Away, which makes it easy for you to take it home, work or for picnics when you go out on various tourist tours.

Tiffany bar and terrace

tiffany bar and terrace

It is one of the famous Georgian restaurants in the heart of the famous city of Tbilisi, and therefore many tourists and locals flock to it.
The restaurant is characterized by its large area and comfortable views, and it offers high quality meals.
This restaurant serves French, Georgian and Italian meals, as it provides a menu from which you can choose what you want to eat.
Among the most famous meals served in the restaurant are (Belgian pancakes – Caesar salad – meat rolls – desserts – cheesecake – black forest – natural drinks).
The restaurant has been rated among the 4-star restaurants, and it contains large indoor and outdoor patios.
The restaurant also provides free internet and free parking, in addition to the possibility of electronic payment, in addition to that it is one of the restaurants suitable for families, children and groups.

Humsbar Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the oriental restaurants in Tbilisi, and it is one of the most famous restaurants that serve delicious hummus and falafel meals.
This restaurant serves vegetarian meals such as (hummus – falafel – shakshouka – grilled eggplant stuffed with cheese – grilled cauliflower – fried omelette – stuffed mushrooms – tabbouleh salad – baba ghanoush salad – natural drinks).
This restaurant has been rated 4 stars, which indicates the excellent service with which the restaurant staff treat visitors, both tourists and locals.
The restaurant also features free internet and spacious interior spaces.
It is also one of the restaurants suitable for children, families and groups, due to its large tables, comfortable seats and a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
In addition to all of that, the restaurant provides a “takeaway” service, which makes it easy for you to provide your meals anywhere you will move easily, whether at work, when hiking, or when taking your family on tours.

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