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Why invest in Georgia?

Georgia has become one of the most famous European destinations in investment and business, beside its tourism destination, which no one disputes. Where Georgia is located always attracts the investor, which has led to a significant expansion in the field of investment in Georgia due to the large number of entrepreneurs around the world in general and the Arab investor in particular for that country and its fertile nature.

Where is Georgia located?

The most important feature of investing in Georgia is its distinguished location on the shores of the Black Sea, and its proximity to a large number of countries with strong economies and investment such as Turkey and Russia, which it borders to the north and Armenia to the south, in addition to some countries, and for this reason we will monitor you in this article the most important Investment forces in Georgia.

Over the past years, Georgia has attracted a great deal of investors and tourists to try creating an investment in the most popular countries in the field of tourism, because it is considered a fertile ground for many profitable investment projects, given the large number of foreigners in it. It also provides a wide range of choices in the businesses that can be established in the cities and villages of the country. There are many fields available to Arabs in particular in Georgia.
This is what makes you look for how to start an investment activity and establish a company in the countries of the Caucasus. Registering a company in the state of Georgia does not need to bother as it happens in foreign countries, due to the various facilities of the state and the Georgian government, so we will explain to you the steps you need to establish a company in Georgia.

Types of projects in Georgia

المشاريع الصغيره

An investment that starts from approximately 15 thousand dollars to 30 thousand dollars, and we have many feasibility studies for small projects that you can implement in Georgia and achieve the appropriate profit.

المشاريع المتوسطه

Investments in medium projects start from approximately $100,000 to $250, and we can secure accommodation for you and your family by investing in one of the medium projects and achieving a net profit of no less than 20% per year. We have many studies and projects for this category of investments.

المشاريع الكبيره

Investments in large projects start from approximately 1 million dollars and more, depending on the project sizes. The investments in large projects are more focused on real estate investment and some other activities, and the implementation of real estate projects is through your assistance in the establishment, marketing and management of real estate, hotels, resorts, and housing units, and achieving annual profits exceeding 20 years. We have a full working team that helps in selecting construction sites, obtaining building permits, conducting construction work and managing projects with mandatory guarantees that determine investment time and profit return. We have a business management department with mandatory annual contracts.

Investment opportunities in Georgia

Steps to invest in Georgia

The first step: The Justice House


With the decision to establish a company in Georgia, you must start with the first official steps, which is to go to the “Public Services Hall” or as the Georgians and Arabs call it “Justice House” and obtain a copy of the company’s articles of incorporation, and that copy is divided into two parts, the first in Georgian and the second in English.

The second step: the contract


The company’s articles of incorporation must contain all the required data in both Georgian and English, the most important of which is the company’s address that you can obtain by renting an office or buying an address from a Georgian citizen that is used as your address and it is necessary for him to go with you to the House of Justice to sign the contract. Note: If you do not understand Georgian well, you should hire a professional to write the contract. “We can help you if you not hesitate to ask for help”

Step Three: Incorporation Procedures


You have to start the procedures for establishing the company in Georgia by going with the contract that contains all the correct data to the House of Justice and start the registration. After submitting the contract to the House of Justice, a message will be sent to your private number within 24 hours informing you of the successful registration of the company. Now you are ready to start practicing the business of your choice (we will show you the most famous areas in Georgia in the next lines of the article), and you have to hire an accounting firm to open the tax file for your business.

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