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Studying in Georgia is witnessing a great demand by foreign students, because of the advantages that Georgia has that make it an attractive area to complete the study in, we will explain in the coming lines about the advantages of studying in Georgia.

Advantages of studying in Georgia

1. The modern state with the current European orientation (and the former Soviet) is much more open now and developed in an unprecedented way, all government and private systems are connected electronically .. everything rotates at the touch of a button and is considered one of the countries with the highest speed of the Internet .. “You will reach your research and communicate with your family with all speed And ease .. What better than saving every second of my study time.” The fastest internet in the world 2019 .. and ways to measure internet speed

 2. The modern liberal visa system, which makes visa procedures as easy as possible, and that most Arab students can enter Georgia for the purpose of studying without a visa (or with an electronic visa). “Traveling to Georgia .. All you need to know”

3. Ease of university registration procedures, and ease of obtaining study residence in Georgia

4. Restaurants and halal food are everywhere.

5. Globally Unprecedented Security Rates | Georgia ranks fourth in the world in terms of safety

6. A pure, green, natural environment, fresh air, an encouraging climate, open spaces and gardens everywhere (what more does a student want for the purity of his mind and body)

7. A distinguished and friendly society that is not devoid of a conservative eastern character and an open-minded western and understanding of the privacy and customs of others.

8. Georgian society is not without a distinct percentage of Muslims representing 10% of the population today.

9. Unconditional freedom (wear a bikini or a niqab) in both cases, society will not feel your alienation.

10. Developed universities, pioneering education systems, and study programs recognized globally and in most Arab countries.

Universities in Georgia

جامعة جورجيا
University of Georgia
الجامعة الجورجية التقنية
Georgian Technical University
جامعة تبليسي الطبية الحكومية
Tbilisi State Medical University
جامعة البحر الأسود الدولية
Black Sea International University
جامعة إيليا الحكومية
Ilia State University
جامعة ايفان الحكومية
Ivan State University
جامعة القوقاز الدولية
Caucasus International University
جامعة نيو فيجن الأمريكية
New Vision University of America
الجامعة الجورجية الأمريكية
Georgian American University

Cost of studying in Georgia?

Georgia is one of the ideal destinations for many international students from all over the world, as it has many advantages that make it the most suitable for completing studies in it, and obtaining an accredited scientific degree that provides the student with a prominent position in the field of science after graduation.
In addition to obtaining high quality education while bearing lower costs of living than other American states, and when talking about the costs of studying in Georgia, we find that they vary according to the chosen university, and the study specialization, and the following is the average cost of studying in Georgia guide:

What are the steps to study in Georgia?

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