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Batumi restaurants by the sea. The most famous restaurants and dishes

Batumi restaurants by the sea are among the comfortable restaurants in Georgia, where you can enjoy your meals with the scenic landscape, and these restaurants are among the famous places that you can visit on your tours in the coastal city of Batumi, and you can take souvenir photos in these restaurants comfortably to immortalize those times Wonderful with your families and your family.

Mecca Restaurant in Batumi

This restaurant serves Arabic and Western dishes, and the owner of that restaurant is Saudi.
You can also deal or speak with the staff working in the restaurant in Arabic to get the dishes and meals you want.
Among the most famous meals served in the restaurant are (cooked lamb – sayadia rice – delicious fish dishes – grilled meat).
This restaurant is visited by tourists from everywhere in addition to the locals as well, and it always serves halal meals throughout the day.

Karpak Turkish Restaurant in Batumi

مطاعم باتومي على البحر

Batumi restaurants by the sea

This restaurant is keen to provide halal meals, as it serves a huge range of dishes and delicious dishes from Turkey, Georgia and many others.
The restaurant has spacious areas where you can rest, and there are refrigerators for soft drinks and mineral water.

Golden Palace Restaurant in Batumi

It is one of the largest modern restaurants in Georgia. It is designed with a modern style, modern decor and very beautiful and beautiful designs, which makes you feel like you are in a real palace.
This restaurant serves a range of well-known delicacies from Turkey, Georgia or Europe, where you can choose your favorite meal from the menu provided in the restaurant.
This famous restaurant is not limited to tourists only, as you will also find that locals from Georgia flock to it, because it offers delicious halal Georgian meals that you can try.

Marco Polo Restaurant in Batumi

It is one of the most high-end restaurants, where you can get sophistication, comfort, tranquility and a delicious meal when you are in it.
This restaurant has a very beautiful design, and it has a high level of romantic, calm and beautiful atmosphere.
You will find that the decor and seating is very comfortable for you, which is what sets it apart from any other restaurant in Batumi.
European cuisine is also the most popular dishes in that restaurant, where you can find vegetarian and healthy ones as well, and the restaurant provides halal meals.
The halls of the restaurant are fully air-conditioned, which guarantees you comfort, and you will also find the best service for visitors by the restaurant staff.

Billion Restaurant in Batumi

مطاعم باتومي على البحر

Batumi restaurants by the sea

Is located on the sea in Batumi, Georgia, and it is one of the restaurants rated among the 5-star restaurants.
This restaurant enjoys the highest standards of order and cleanliness. You will also find a refined taste in the restaurant’s furnishings, decor and dishes served to you.
This restaurant serves a wide range of international dishes, and also provides healthy halal meals and vegetarian meals as well.
You will find comfort and tranquility in this distinctive restaurant, and you will enjoy the comfortable atmosphere for you, as it overlooks the sea and some cultivated places, which makes you feel the beauty of nature once you are in it.
Also, the staff of the restaurant is very cooperative, it is possible if you do not know the dishes or when you have not tried them, they can advise you on the best delicious dishes that will surely amaze you when you try and eat them.

Heart of Batumi Restaurant

This restaurant is classified among the five-star restaurants because of its distinguished service to all its visitors, whether tourists or local residents.
This restaurant serves Georgian and European dishes and dishes, and it also offers a special menu for vegetarians as well as special meals prepared for children.

Lagota restaurant in Batumi

It is one of the best famous restaurants in the coastal city of Batumi, and it is classified among the 4-star restaurants.
This unique restaurant offers a lot of delicious dishes quickly throughout the day to all its visitors.
One of the best dishes offered by the restaurant (traditional Georgian meals – pastries – cheese pie – egg pie).
The restaurant also provides halal meals that you can choose from on your tour, as it is one of the restaurants known for serving the most delicious food.
You can also request a restaurant proposal for you to serve meals in case you visit it for the first time in Georgia.
It is worth noting that the restaurant contains suitable squares to receive all its visitors, whether individuals, groups or families, and you can take children as well.

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