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Target Group Georgia

We are a global travel group which was formed on 2011 by an Egyptian Entrepreneur. In Target Group we are dedicated to helping our valued customers to fulfil their travel dreams and create the greatest travel stories they will ever tell and amazingly feel. Our travel team experts is ready to give you what you crave out of your holidays. We have a cadre of highly experienced staff in various fields to assure transparency and utmost service quality.

In Target Group we take good care of our guests, we communicate directly with them to fulfil their needs and assure their satisfaction. We offer our services through the company’s branches in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Egypt. We have also a business partnership with many operators in various countries across the globe.

Target Group provides various types of educational services in many countries, especially in Georgia where our head office located, and also the state of Azerbaijan, which has become a target for many students, as offering high quality
education in affordable prices.
The company offers many programs and tourism services through our branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Egypt which meets all wishes of our customers with the highest quality and competitive prices.
Target Group is a joint investment group that aims to invest funds in construction, agricultural and commercial sectors on economic bases developed through experiences gained in various business markets around the world. The company enjoys all the guarantees and privileges guaranteed by the investment laws with the highest profitable returns.
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