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Gudauri (Caucasus Mountains)

Gudauri resort is located in Georgia in the Stepantsminda district, 100 km (about two hours’ drive) north of the capital Tbilisi and a two-hour drive from Tbilisi International Airport. Tbilisi International Airport is 120 km from Gudauri Ski Resort, after which you have to commute for two hours by car. Kutaisi International Airport is 320 km away. Kutaisi is the second largest city in the country and is located on the western part of it. The Georgian military road connects the resort with the city of Tbilisi in the south, and the road goes north to Kazbegi, the Russian border, and then Vladikavkaz in Russia’s North Ossetia. If you want a low cost trip there are Mashrutka minibuses that depart from Tbilisi every hour and cost about 10 GEL, otherwise you have to join the organized tours or rent a car or taxi from Tbilisi Transdidup Station

Sights Of Gudauri

Nowadays, Gudauri Georgia resort is officially considered one of the best ski resorts in the world, and has a certificate accredited by “VIS” (International Ski Federation), you can practice many activities that will immerse you in excitement and fun, and in the vicinity of this distinguished resort a group of The historical places that you can visit as a cultural space also It is located on the plateau south of the Greater Caucasus mountain range at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level and there is a large ski area that enjoys a great deal of sunshine even in the summer you will not forget your experience, and many may find it to be the most wonderful thanks to the activities Mountain biking in Gudauri Bike Park, paragliding, rafting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, etc. A large number of climbers come from all over the world every year, and McInfartsferry is more known to the locals. There are various programs for rock climbing and ice climbing, which are designed with SISA TO SUIT ALL LEVELS OF Climbers A wide range of trekking paths can be chosen for all levels, from inexperienced hikers to truly challenging adventurers, in any case you will enjoy unforgettable views of the Caucasus Mountains, mysterious passes and glaciers, For the more adventurous you can try kayaking between the fast waters of the mountain rivers it is an ideal experience, there are different degrees of difficulty with experienced local guides who will help you make the most of your trip.

Ananuri Castle

قلعة أنانوري

An ancient fortress on the banks of the Aragvi River, and it was the home of the rule of the Dukes of Aragvi (Eristavis), a feudal dynasty that ruled the region during the thirteenth century. into two churches. Ananuri Castle is located 55 kilometers from Gudauri Ski Resort and takes about an hour to reach.

Gergeti Trinity Church


It is located only 40 km from the resort and is easily accessible. It can be considered as an impressive tourist spot. It occupies a beautiful hilltop position near the town of Kazbegi and overlooks the surrounding area. Close to it and form a unified complex and one image worthy of being in an icon of the area.

Kazbegi mountain


It is a dormant stratovolcano and one of the main mountains in the Caucasus region. The mountain is located on the border between the Kazbegi province of Georgia and the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania in the Russian Federation. The summit of the mountain is the third highest in Georgia (after Shkhara and Ganga) and the seventh in the order of the highest peaks in Caucasus Mountains


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