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Borjomi, Georgia, is located in the south of the Republic of Georgia and is famous for its picturesque landscapes, its richness with warm water springs and dense green forests. Nature gave it to her, and archaeological excavations revealed the presence of stone baths in the area, proving that this mineral water has been used by people for thousands of years.

Sights Of Borjomi

Borjomi Museum

متحف بورجومي في جورجيا
  • Borjomi Municipal Museum is an ancient historical place that will acquaint you with the history of Borjomi and Georgia. Although this museum is small, it contains interesting artifacts from ancient settlements to objects used in the Romanov Palace. The museum also houses an exhibition of Berjomi mineral water.

Borjomi National Park

متنزه برجومي في جورجيا
  • Burjomi Kharaguli National Park, the largest national park in Georgia, covering about 8% of the total territory of Georgia. The diversity of geographical conditions there has helped the presence of a diverse wealth of flora and fauna there, with charming scenes of pristine nature, so what awaits you in this park of cultural attractions, including two churches built in the ninth century.

Borjomi cable car

تلفريك مدينة برجومي في جورجيا
  • The Berjomi cable car is one of the best tourist attractions in the city of Bogomi, Georgia, and the cable car attracts a large group of visitors. About 2 km.


Mineral water park

منتزه المياه المعدنية برجومي
  • The mineral water park is one of the best places of tourism in the city of Borjomi, which no visitor can miss during a visit to the wonderful city of Borjomi, and this park contains fresh mineral water, and the history of the establishment of this park dates back to 1850 AD.

Romanov Palace

قصر رومانوف في بورجومي جورجيا
  • Romanov Palace is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Berjomi, Georgia. The most important of which is to take a wonderful tour inside the palace and learn about its various sections and contents.


المطاعم في مدينة بورجومي
  • Restaurants in Berjomi, which is considered one of the best places of tourism in the city of Berjomi, Georgia. Among these restaurants are what is famous for serving Georgian folk dishes, some of which are famous for serving European and international dishes, and some of them are famous for serving a mixture of Georgian cuisine along with a variety of famous international dishes. .


Green monastery

الدير الأخضر في مدينة بورجومي

The Green Monastery is an old monastery located just outside the town of Borjomi, you can walk there or take a taxi for 10 GEL, but it is better to take a short walk in the nature through the forest until you reach the monastery, it is a very small but beautiful monastery with a location in the middle of nature .


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