Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

All our tourism programs include the following:

  • Reception and farewell to and from the airport
  • Accommodation (hotel – hotel apartments – villas and cottages)
  • Breakfast (hotels only)
  • Private car and driver throughout the trip
  • Free internet
  • Costumer Support 24/7

Important terms

reservation confirmation

After agreeing on a specific tour package that requires you to transfer the total amount of the package or pay it online to confirm the reservation. In the case of transferring the amount, you must send a copy of the transfer receipt and a copy of the international airline ticket in case the tickets have been booked in advance and the passports of all travelers so that the company can carry out reservations. Confirmation of booking takes 24 – 48 hours, and there is an exception only in cases of official holidays that are on Saturdays and Sundays or season days.

– Please note that the tourist schedule is a preliminary proposal and not a confirmed reservation, and in the event that some reservations are not available, we will offer you many alternative proposals at the same level and at a different price difference according to the alternative hotel, and confirmation of the alternative will not take place until after your approval. Flight prices are not fixed and change every period based on the policy of the airline itself, so the displayed price is not confirmed and it is confirmed on the same day of the two bookings

For comparing the prices, You should know:

One of the most important terms and conditions is that the prices are inclusive of tax, service and breakfast, and also include company fees, meaning that you will only pay the amount offered to you and there will be no additional amounts. The comparison should be for the same hotel and make sure of the room type, because the prices differ from one type to another according to the level. You should also check the breakfast policy. Is the displayed price inclusive of breakfast or not, noting that most other sites offer discounted offers that do not include breakfast.

Always remember that the reservation date will determine the price, as in the seasons, prices vary from one date to another
In flying, make sure that the price includes all expenses such as weight, taxes, insurance, seat selection, and the transit period. etc

When booking hotels, you must first look at all hotels and all their contents and see the available photos and videos about them to form an integrated picture of them before choosing. Check-in to hotels is at 02:00 PM. Check-out times from hotels are at 12:00 PM – All rooms in hotels have a large bed for two people or two separate beds for two people as well, and any other additions must be informed to us so that we can provide them to you for an additional fee, You can also request it from the hotel service, but this will be determined based on the size of the room itself and the availability of extra beds or not

Terms and conditions in cases of modification or cancellation

This is according to the policy of each hotel. The hotel is the unit responsible for the idea of ​​modifying or canceling reservations, and this entails additional fees, and there is no responsibility on the company

Prices are include:

The prices paid to the company include the service provided to customers, company fees, and taxes. It also includes breakfast in hotels, except in the event that the hotel does not include breakfast. It must be taken into account that the price includes the reserved room only and not on the number of people inside. The time that the tour takes is 10 hours, starting from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. It should be noted that the prices of tours do not include tickets for entry to tourist places or any other activities. If you wish to visit places other than those scheduled within the tour schedule, additional fees will apply

Privacy policy

We do not use any personal data for our customers such as credit cards or something like that, we just register the email and phone number to send the customers’ details

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